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About the site

DelftteKijk (DTK) is the photo website of Delft. Five photo series (Old City, Buitenwatersloot, the Delfte Hout and the TU (Technical University) district show Delft in five different ways. In addition to this permanent collection, the photographers of DTK also record annual events and series. This website was initially set up by Danny and Tino van Dam. In 2016, the team was supplemented with Gijs Rijsdijk and Herman Bouwman.


The photographers
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Tino van Dam

Tino 150My 'roots' are in Delft. Born and raised in Delft, Delft always feels like home As a press and reportage photographer, i focus on the story and the people behind the photo. For this website i mainly look for creativity in the photo. I always try to find the 'wow' factor to create a suprising shot and to atttract both tourist and residents. Delft is a versatile city to photograph. With so many cultural events, with the old city as a backdrop, it is a feast for every photographer to shoot here.



Gijs Rijsdijk

Gijs 150Photography for me is to go out and capture what i like. A welcome change for a busy job. My photo's are characterized by additional contrast and color with an eye for dimensions. Landscape Photography is therefore the biggest part of my work, although i enjoy also other forms of photography. Shooting for this website is a real challenge and pleasure. My favorite event: The  Streetparade.




Herman Bouman

Herman 150

In my teenage days i lived in Delft and i enjoyed it a lot. Since Delft is just around the corner, i really like to go there for a nice beer in one of the many pubs. There is a lot of liveliness in the city and I like to record it and "taste it. I have a slight preference for architecture photography but as a technician i also like to be busy with the technique behind photograpy.  So i work a lot with photoshop.




Danny van Dam

Danny 150

Photography is an  important way of expressing myself. You can amaze and surprise people with photography. I believe that the most important value in a photo is, that the photo should speak not only for the photographer but also for those who know nothing about photography. I especially like portrait and street photography. These are impotant tyles for me since i work a lot with people. Delft is very suitable for these two styles. It is an old city with many different sides. As a photographer you have so much opportunities in this city.